All Courses in the College except Ph.D. are in autonomous regulations.

General Rules
Academic Calendar
Exam Pattern
Exam Fees
Exam results
COE Office
COE List


An autonomous college will have the freedom to
  1. Determine its own courses of study and syllabi within the given Madras University framework.
  2. Prescribe rules of admission, subject to the reservation policy of the State Government and
  3. Evolve methods of evaluation to conduct examinations.

Award of Degrees

The degree will be awarded by the Madras University and the name of the College will be mentioned in the diploma.


Statutory and Non - Statutory Bodies in an Autonomous College

The college has the following committees to ensure proper management of Academic, Financial and General Administrative Affairs.

Adminstration and Academic Affairs

  1. Executive Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. Academic Council
  4. Standing Committee
  5. Board of Studies
  6. Autonomous Committee
  7. Appeal and Grievances Committee
  8. Planning and Evaluation Committee
  9. Admission Committee
  10. Student Welfare and Extra-curricular committee
  11. Library Committee

Working Days

The College works in two semesters, the first semester from June to October and the Second semester from November to April. The number of actual teaching days is as per calendar in an academic year with a minimum of 90 days per semester.


The College follows the rules of the University of Madras that are currently in force. Attendance to classes and continuous internal assessment (CIA) tests are compulsory.

  1. Students should have a minimum attendance of 75% of the days in the semester for each paper.
  2.  65% - 74% of attendance is permitted to appear for semester exam with condonation fee.
  3.  50% - 64% of attendance is not eligible to appear for the semester exam. But can proceed to the next year / next semester and they can take next university examination by paying the prescribed condonation fee of Rs.250/-.
  4.  Less than that not eligible to appear for semester exam. obtain prior permission of the university to rejoin the course.

Academic Calendar

I Semester


II Semester


Total of Working Days = 92 + 92 = 18

Exam pattern :

Choice Based Credit SYSTEM (CBCS)

Choice Based Credit System is introduced from 2004-2005 onwards.

Elective Courses

Each department will offer at least one elective paper.
Soft skill papers and Non-major electives are compulsory.


Each course is designed variously under lectures / tutorials / laboratory work / seminar / project work / practical training / report writing / Viva Voce to meet effective teaching and learning need and the credits are assigned suitably.

Evaluation Pattern

CIA ( Continuous Internal assessment ) - Evaluation will be done on a continuous basis.

Components for CIA

  1. Test
  2. Quiiz
  3. Seminar
  4. Assignment
  5. Attendance

External Assessment

The end semester examination is a written examination. Minimum Mark for passing in each Paper (CIA & External together ) is for

Under Graduate 40%
Post Graduate 50%

Candidates are permitted to apply for revaluation after obtaining a photocopy or answer paper within 21 days from the date of publication of results.

The student should submit request for revaluation in the prescribed format and pay a fee of Rs. 400/- per paper.


Any malpractice by the students debars them from subsequent appearance based on the decision of the examination committee. In all cases of malpractice their conduct certificates will indicate malpractice.

Grading System

The term Grading system indicates a ten (10) point scale of evaluation of the performances of students in terms of marks, grade points, letter grade and class.

Autonomous Examination Fee Rates Examination Fees

  • Particulars Rs.
    Application form UG/ PG  25/-
    Theory per paper UG /PG  65/120
    Practical per paper (3hrs) UG /PG 65/150
    Practical per paper (more than 3hrs) UG /PG  130/300
    Music Concert Paper UG/PG 130/375
    PG English Literature Practical 50
    UG Dissertation Project Viva-Voce /Mini Project (Computer science) 150/-
    PG Dissertation Project Viva-Voce 200/-
    Mark sheet UG/PG 50/-
    More than 11 Papers including Regular & Arrear  100/-
    Consolidated Mark sheet UG/PG 500/-
    Provisional, Degree & Course Completion Certificate for UG/PG 500/-
    Application form M.Phil. 50/-
    Theory per paper M.Phil.  200/-
    M.Phil. Full Time Dissertation 500/-
    M.Phil. Part-Time Dissertation 750/-
    M.Phil. Full Time Project Viva-Voce 500/-
    M.Phil. Part-Time Project Viva-Voce 750/-
    Late submission fee for M.Phil Dissertation  750/-
    Mark sheet M.Phil 100/-
    Provisional, Degree & Course Completion Certificate for M.Phil 500/-
    Duplicate Mark sheet (UG/PG/M.Phil)  500/-
    Certificate verification online(UG/PG/M.Phil)  800/-
    Transcript (UG/PG/M.Phil)  1000/-
    Penalty Fee (UG/PG/M.Phil)  100/-
    Fee for Condonation of Shortage of Attendance  250/-
    Fee for effecting change of name and date of birth in the college record (UG/PG/M.Phil) 100/-
    Duplicate Hall Ticket (UG/PG/M.Phil)  50/-
    Revaluation UG/PG  500/-
    Instant Exam UG(Examfees-250+Application-Rs.25+Marksheet-Rs.50)  325/-
    Instant Exam PG(Exam fees- 350+ Application-Rs.25+Marksheet-Rs.50)   425/-

COE Office

  • Controller of Examination
           Dr.(Mrs). A.ANANDALAKSHMI M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Home Science

  • Additional Controller of Examination
           Dr.(Mrs). K.SATHYA BAMA M.A., M.Phil., DISM., Associate Professor & Head , Dept. of Economics