Parents and Teachers Association (PTA)

Parents and Teachers Association (PTA)
Interaction between teachers and the parents of the students is vital to the holistic development of the students and the college. With this in view the Parents Teachers Association was established on 29.11.1995 on the basis of a decision taken jointly by the parents, teachers and students of the college. It was registered under the Tamilnadu Co-operative Society Registration Act of 1975 on 4.7.1996. The P.T.A. Committee is comprised of the following members:
President - Principal
Secretary - Dr.T. Shalini Rani,

Assistant Professor & HoD, Department of B.Com (CS)
Treasurer - Mrs.G.Nagajothi,
Assistant Professor, Department of B.Com (CS)
The PTA fund is utilized for college and student development. Some of the initiatives taken include:
Intercom facility (installed in April 2002) to communicate with students.
Appointment of Non-teaching staff  on consolidated basis.
Purchase of garden tools for the upkeep of the campus.

Parent Teachers Association General Body Meeting Report
The first PTA general body meeting for the academic year 2013-2014 was held on 5.7.2013 at G.J Hall.  PTA general body members, First year tutors and parents of 1st year students attended the meeting. Some of parents came forward at this meeting and gave their feedback.

Several issues for the benefit of the students were discussed and some important points are listed below.  Students are advised to
Obey traffic rules
Refrain from use mobile phones on campus
Adhere to the dress code
Be regular and punctual to the college and to attend the CA/ semester exams.
Avoid use of plastic bags and keep the campus clean.
Have breakfast in the morning
Respect teachers and elders.
The record of minutes of the meeting is available in the department of mathematics and it is pleasure to mention that more two hundred parents signed the record.

PTA governing body members of Queen Mary’s College undertook the mammoth task of opening new bank accounts for all the students under the ”Zero Fill Account” initiative of the Government of Tamilnadu. Despite the time crunch they completed the task well in time for the academic year 2013-2014.