Queen Mary's College subscribes to UGC INFLIBNET (Information Library Network) N-List which makes it possible for it to have access to 75000 e-books and 3,500 e-journals. Every student and every faculty member has individual access to N-List (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly content. N-List enhances e-learning. Scholars and teachers have access to the full text of journal articles and also archival back issues of journals in all areas of learning.
Amenities and Training for the Visually Challenged
The Library has a separate section for the Visually Challenged. This section is equipped with computers that have special software which facilitates independent learning. DVD Players are also available. Training programs for the visually challenged have been conducted regularly from 2006-07. The Librarian takes the responsibility to organize training programs (in batches) for all the visually challenged students who have enrolled in the college.
Contact/ Email
The librarian of the college may be contacted at
List of Journals and Magazines
Apart from online access to N-List, the library also subscribes for and receives hard copies of the following journals and magazines.
Mathematic Education and Research
The mathematical Intelligencer
Mathematical Gazzette

Indian Journal of Pure and Applied physics
Indian Journal of Physics

American Journal of Botany
The Botanical Review
Phytos Current Science
Asian Journal of Microbiology
Indian Journal of Biotechnology

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
Science and Technology

Abstracts & Review in geography
Geography Review of India

Journal of History of collections

Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A
Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B
Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics
Journal of Chemical Education

English Literature
Journal of Indian writing in English

Home Science
Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics
Journal of Food science and Technology
Inside outside
Journal of Family welfare
Social welfare
WHO Bulletin
Construction Review
Indian Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Indian Journal of Applied Nutrition
Social Welfare
Research Highlights
Nutrition News
Interior Design
Hotel and Food Science Review
Indian Journal of Environment Health
Journal of Psychological Research
Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics

Computer Science
PC Quest
Express Computer
Computer Ulagam
Tamil Computer
Network Magazine

Special Collections
The Special Collection's of the Library are the following
European History
UGC NET and SLET Coaching books and materials
Tamilnadu Textbooks Society textbooks
Competitive Examination books