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Eduventure, Research Journal of Queen Mary's College was started in the year 2008. It is a half yearly journal: the January issue is devoted to the Arts and Humanities, while the July issue is exclusively for scientific papers. Six volumes and twelve issues of the Journal have been brought out since 2008. The journal carries an ISSN Number. In the year 2014 access to Eduventure will become easier as it will become an online journal.
Every submission to the journal is reviewed by highly qualified reviewers with expertise in the respective fields of study. Eduventure has from the time of its inception, brought out over one hundred quality research papers which have been duly reviewed. The journal enjoys a wide circulation. An earnest effort is being made to increases its impact factor as well. Keeping in mind the words of Swami Vivekananda, "Nothing succeeds like successes', the editors of the journal are making every effort to ensure that the journal conforms to the highest standards of academic excellence.
Details for submission
Submissions are invited for the Arts and Humanities (January) and the Science (July) issues of Eduventure. Submissions may be made well in advance of the month of publication. Following intimation of selection for publication, the author of the paper should submit a DEMAND DRAFT for Rs. 600/-drawn in favour of QMC Research Journal Fund, Chennai. For the inclusion of colour photographs in the manuscript, an additional charge will be made @ Rs 1,200/- per page.
Details for purchase
Copies of issues are available for purchase @ Rs 300/- per copy.
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Magazines UTTRU
Tamil department is releasing the magazine titled "UTTRU" Every year from 2007 onwards.