Adolescent Counselling Cell

The transition of adolescence to adulthood is a crucial phase in one’s life. The right environment and emotional climate contributes to the emotional stability of students. Peer pressure, adolescent problem, cultural and emotional changes cause stress and anxiety among college students. It is important that students interact and communicate their issues with the right people.

Adolescent Counselling Cell is the need of the hour in the society today. Queen Mary’s College is blessed with an effective Adolescent Counselling Cell through an initiative of the Government of TamilNadu. It was inaugurated on 23.09.2014 by the Honourable Mayor Thiru. Saidai Duraisamy. The objective of the cell is to identify the students who are in a state of stress and anxiety and guide them with various relaxation methods. It also helps them to understand the nature of stress and realize its impact upon their health and behaviour. The counselling infact serves as a vent to their pent up feelings and enables the students to speak out their problems. Ultimately, it helps them to cope with their stress and overcome it successfully. There is a one-to-one counseling every Tuesday by a qualified counsellor. Both Shift I and Shift II are the benefactors. Functioning under the cell are the Student’s Counseling Cell and the Student’s Grievance Cell. The students are encouraged and advised to meet the staff-in-charge of the cells at any time, in case of necessity. Various programmes have been organised as activities of the cell.